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Tomorrow night is the staff Christmas party at Mrs. Schmalfeld’s house. Anyone who is attending has been asked to be an appetizer, a drink, or a dessert to share. I’m bringing a dessert. My specialty is carmel chocolate chip brownies. Everyone loves them, so now I bring them to pretty much every gathering we have. I ask, “Does anyone want me to bring anything special?” It is usually a forgone conclusion that they’ll want the brownies. They’re super fattening, but fantastically delicious! My “Marvelous Mushroom Spread” is pretty good, though, too. However, the brownies still trump everything.

The scent of them is wafting through the house and the oven has helped heat up the kitchen. Mmmm! I am baking two batches because there is sure to be a lot of us at the party. The first batch is done and pictured above. The second batch will be coming out of the oven soon. They don’t look like much in the photo, but on the inside is a layer of chocolate chips and another layer of carmel.

Now back to grading papers and working on updating grades.

2 thoughts on “Mmmm . . . delicious!

    1. It was very awesome! We had a great time. There was a gift exchange of “White Elephant” gifts, which are silly gifts, not nice ones. You should ask him about his gift. But do it VERY POLITELY of course. I was laughing hysterically when I saw him open it and see what he got stuck with (because no one wanted to steal it, of course!).

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