I Need My Long Winter’s Nap

I don’t know what it is about this year, but the shorter days and colder weather makes me want to hibernate like a bear. I hate that there is a full four hours less daylight by December 21 than there is at the height of summer. Even though it is only currently 7:25 PM as I write this, I would like nothing more than to get inside my warm bed and go to sleep! I don’t want to do anything. And it is cold. Grr.

A surplus of energy is hard to come by for me at this time of year. I feel like I am spread too thin, when one factors in shopping for the holidays, baking for the holidays, keeping up with planning for class, keeping up with grading, cleaning, and decorating. I don’t even send Christmas cards anymore; it is one less thing to do! This is not my favorite time of year, to say the least. I haven’t even mustered up the energy to put up my special Charlie Brown ornament tree. I put up the tree, just none of the ornaments on it. (I have a special tree just for all my Peanuts Gang ornaments.) General laziness on my part has been a factor, too.

I’m not a Christmas person, either. If I didn’t have kids and a husband who loves the holiday, I wouldn’t even decorate my house. There are only three Christmas songs I like: “Mele Kalikimaka,” “Dondé Está Santa Claus,” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

March. I’m ready for Spring to come back! March is one of my favorite months. Bring on the warmth! Bring on the daylight!

Anything special YOU are looking forward to?