A Gratitude List

Yes, it is Thanksgiving, and is natural to think of those things for which I am grateful. I don’t usually wait until a special time of year to make a gratitude list, though. I do this regularly, and it keeps me focused on the positive things in life instead of overly thinking about the negatives. The following is a list of things I regularly give thanks for:

  • the continued health and well-being of my children
  • the continued health and well-being of my husband
  • my health, “When you have your health, you have everything,” my grandma, a nurse, used to say as I was growing up.
  • my home, and the fact that I love where I live
  • my job, that it provides me with a means to support myself and my family
  • health insurance, because so many others don’t have it
  • my gadgets (iPad, computer, etc.), for giving me a means to occupy and entertain myself
  • my intelligence and education, because it has opened doors for me
  • my nanny (Ms. Estela), because she helps me take such good care of Mr. T and helps free up my time to be a better mom
  • my friends, because they “get” me and support me when I need it
  • my parents and my aunt, for raising me right
  • my boss (Ms. Schmalfeld), and her cheerfulness and positivity
  • modern medicine, because I was SOOOOO sick earlier this fall and would not have gotten better as quick as I did without it
  • a comfortable bed to sleep in each night
  • a happy marriage
  • my sense of organization, because I don’t know how I’d manage life without being organized — it is hard enough as it is

In general, I have all of what I need and most of what I want. For that, I cannot complain!