I Ordered My Snoopy Plate!

Oh, yes I did!

I do not currently have a “vanity” license plate for my car. I have thought about getting one from time to time, but never splurged. (They cost anywhere from about $50 to $100 extra each year for the privilege of having the plate.) Plus, I am always trying to think of something extra witty and clever for my plate, because I appreciate others’ witty or clever ideas, and I never think I come up to scratch in intelligent, brainy humor.

For a couple of years now, there has been a movement to get a new vanity option plate added to the several that California has. (Visit the DMV website to see what California offers.) This new one was going to have Snoopy on it, and the proceeds from the plate would go to support California’s museums. Worthy cause! And who doesn’t love Snoopy? I LOVE SNOOPY. So, of course, I signed up to indicate that, yes, I was interested and would support the plate. (Any drivers you know that also would love a Snoopy plate could visit this site for information about how to go about ordering one of their own.) The proponents of the plate needed to have a certain number of people interested. Then it needed to be approved by whomever approves these things, before it finally could be placed out their for consumers like me. And, at least 7, 500 drivers need to purchase their plates before they are actually made. So far, about 2,800 people have ordered their plate. I am one of those people! I ordered it tonight.

Here is what the plate will look like:



Mine will have something other than “123ABC” . . . I listed my top three choices for personalized plates. I won’t say what they are until one of them arrives in the mail. I don’t want anyone poaching on my cool ideas!

Look for it on my car sometime soon (hopefully)!