London, Day 10

Thing 1 and I are headed home today, and we’re really excited. I don’t want to make it seem as if we’re excited to go home because we were in any way unhappy with our trip — we saw so much and we had a blast! It’s a matter of it being like what Dorothy says in The Wizard of Oz: There’s no place like home.

So there’s a little over seven hours of flight time left on this flight. We are currently over Greenland as I write this. Thing 1 is watching an in-flight cartoons (“Regular Show”) at his seat, having already watched a movie we loaded up onto his iPad. We’ve already been served our meal. Shades are down as people try to sleep, watch something on their seatback, or are playing with their own personal devices. It is 8 p.m. London time, and by rights I should be tired or sleepy. I didn’t sleep especially well last night, in anticipation of traveling today but also because Thing 1 kept stealing covers and hitting me in his sleep. But I am excited to return home, to see my family, and to hand out some of the gifts I picked up for them on our travels. I also prefer to think that I am not tired because I’ve already reverted back to Los Angeles time, where it is currently noon. The only thing that is really aggravating is that there is a trio of French twenty year olds behind me who are, understandably, excited for their first trip to Los Angeles. But the one sitting directly behind me keeps kicking or hitting my seat. To say it is a pain in the captain’s quarters is an understatement.

Thing 1 and I got up today, got ready, did our final packing, and went out for one last errand. We wanted to visit the London Museum of Transport gift shop and pick up a few more cool London Underground items. We still had to get a gift for Ms. Estela and my brother, who was in visiting from Denver. (He is Thing 1’s favorite uncle out of the six he has, and would be picking us up at the airport along with Mr. Rovira and Mr. T. Thing 2 is away at Girl Scout camp, so she will not be welcoming us home.) The Museum wasn’t open yesterday, otherwise we would have gone yesterday. We had just enough time to make it over there when they opened today, look around, make some purchases, have a bite to eat, and then head back to our hotel. Once there, it was cab (as I planned), train, airport … and here I am now.

I should actually try to read something; I picked up some books at the Tower of London and Westminster Palace. But the shades are all down, and it is relatively dark, and I don’t want to bug anyone.

But the next time that annoying passenger behind me kicks my seat (which should be in about a minute or two), I’m reclining my seat!

2 thoughts on “London, Day 10

  1. Dear Mrs. Rovira,
    I love your blog post! I have always dreamed to go to London, and it was fascinating to hear about your trip. I have been on a plane before that was seven hours long. I went to Europe and got on a ruse there. I also have had someone behind me kicking my seat and it is very annoying! I feel your pain! The little boy that was kicking my seat looked about four, and his baby sister was crying almost the whole time! Was that your first trip to Europe?

  2. Hi there,
    Yes, that was my first trip to Europe. I’m ashamed it took me so long to get there, but I’ve been busy with life here — teaching, kids, home improvements, etc. But it was time to go! In a few years, I hope to go back again, but this time with Thing 2, my daughter. Since I went on this trip with Thing 1, I need to plan a trip with Thing 2 to be fair. At first she said she wanted to go to Florida, then Hawaii, but now she is curious to visit overseas. I think the photos Thing 1 and I brought back have piqued her curiosity. She said she wants to visit the same places, which I am happy to do, since there were still parts of both Paris and London that we didn’t have time to see. However, I am hoping I can influence her a bit to consider Florence, Italy, and Austria. (Austria is where my side of the family is from.) Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

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