Rainbow Sprinkles Are The. Best. Thing. Evah!


I don’t know why, but I love rainbow sprinkles. I think it was when I was in junior high that my fascination with rainbow sprinkles began. Frozen yogurt shops were popular then, just like they are now. When we had free time on a Saturday, of if there was a short day like my students have periodically, we would all walk to the yogurt shop at East Anaheim Center. I always got rainbow sprinkles on my yogurt. To me, they seemed like little frostings. (Even my best friend remembers me — and reminds me on occasion — that I told her they taste like mini frostings.)

When I got older, I happened to work in a location where I could periodically help myself to frozen yogurt. The coolest thing was that I could put as many of the rainbow sprinkles toppings onto my yogurt as I pleased. Needless to say, my yogurt was swimming in sprinkles.

Even today I love rainbow sprinkles.

I love that you can go to self-serve places like Yogurtland and still put on as many rainbow sprinkles as you like. My favorite yogurt place is Golden Spoon, but I don’t like that one cannot choose how many toppings are put on a serving. AND . . . one time I went there . . . and . . . they . . . didn’t . . . have . . . the . . . right . . . kind . . . of . . . sprinkles! There are rainbow sprinkles that are “crunchier” than the other kind of rainbow sprinkles. They are deceptively similar to the ones that are available to put on yogurt, but those are not the right kinds!

Rainbow sprinkles taste terrific on sugar cookies. There are different kinds of sprinkles to put on sugar cookies, however. These type of rainbow sprinkles are called non pareils. There’s an Italian deli that I shop at that sells these delicious, buttery sugar cookies with the  round rainbow sprinkles on them. These are crunchy, and that’s okay in this situation.

What is YOUR favorite topping? 🙂

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